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JDY tines are suitable for automatic or manual lawn aerators. Because aerating is an extremely important process for lawn maintenance, top of the line tines are an absolute must.

Lawn aerators remove inner lawn material using tines, which are available in different sizes to result in different hole sizes for a better air circulation, water uptake and weed root removal to reduce weed growth and promote a healthy lawn growth. These holes are also often filled with fertilizers for a better lawn nutrition and growth to ensure a lush, healthy and beautiful lawn.

Tines are also available in different shapes, based on different applications. For example, some are specially used to enhance air circulation in lower lawn layers, while others are specially used for fertilization. Those in charge of lawn care must choose tines with the right shape according to specific lawn growth conditions and application requirements.


Diverse materials available: Wear resistant SKD11 materials are used for tines that will be used in areas with hard soil or other aerating difficulties, thus improving the service life. We also offer special tines with tungsten steel tips, which feature a service life that is 2 to 3 times longer than simple steel tines.

Diverse tine hardness available: Hardness is also an important factor in tine performance. According to different usage demands in different locations, we carry out a heat treatment to manufacture tines with a range of hardness levels to meet different application needs.

JDY’s aerating tines include solid tines, cross tines, slicing knife tines, deep tines and hollow top-eject tines. For more information regarding types and sizes, feel free to continue browsing.

We also offer tine customization according to samples or drawings. If you cannot provide either, share your expectations and requirements with us, and we will do everything possible to offer the right solution according to your needs.

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